Software Design

Dramatically increase your productivity by eliminating repetitive and time consuming tasks with a custom software solution. Every day you see and hear of new and far-reaching technologies being brought to the market place. Yet often a simple solution will seem out of reach of the ordinary company. Talk to us about duplicating your existing business processes in software.

Software Development

The aim is to develop software systems to address customer needs. We follow proven methodology to design, code and produce, dependable products that work reliably.

We appreciate that investments have been made in existing technologies and we always try to protect and utilise these existing resources where appropriate. We produce detailed written plans with clear designs which we develop in partnership with your suggestions to help us provide you with the solution you need.

Why Custom Design?

Off-the-shelf solutions, if you can find one, tend to be overly comprehensive and complex. Typically a large portion of the functionality will be redundant and you will find your self compromising your real needs. A custom solution will be tailored to your needs to utilise your systems both new and existing. Made for the job Your job!

J C Designs Credentials

We have been designing and delivering software solutions since 1981 and are proud to have a long list of impressive customer names.

We maintain excellent long term relationships with our clients, enabling them to enhance systems that have been supplied historically as technology allows and as business demands